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Xavi ... FINAL Information.

Following our previous two posts about the upcoming power XAVI (power 209) I have finally managed to access the APP , although I do not have the power!

To me , this reminds me of the game 'My Sims' and you will find out why now.

This power basically means Xat Avatar , and you can change the facial features as well as the skin colour of your character , also like creating your 'Mii'.

Here is an example of me accessing the APP ;

Here are some examples of ones that a few people on the chat have made;

This may seem like a good power , but there's a down side to it. In order to get different accessories to your character , you need to buy it through the following link that a moderator on xat_test posted on main chat;

This is what the page looks like;

Key Points (Rules)
- This only works if you have days .
- You can not trade the accessories with other users ...  

Update: The smiley of XAVI as well as the full description has been added onto the Wiki . The following says;

  • Using this new power, you gain access to xavi app to create your own xat avatar.
  • To use the app, simply click on "Games" left hand corner of the chat, and then select "xavi".
  • You can choose from many features such as heads, hair, eyes, brows, mouth and accessories.
  • Once you have made your avatar, click the save button and it sets it as your default avatar.
  • You can purchase additional styles for your avatar here: http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php
  • For more information about this power Click here
When you click for more information , it comes up with a box full of 'Key words'. Here's an image!

UPDATE 2: The prices for the Accessories for XAVI have changed / increased . Here is the current updated version; (6.14pm)

So , with the three posts put together about the new XAVI power , this is everything you need to know! You must be creative in order to enjoy this power, so be prepared! xD
Now that you know everything about Power 209 , tell me your thoughts on the power by leaving a comment below this post!

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