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Poll Results 30/11/2012!

Hi everyone!

2 weeks ago, I put up two blogs both linking about Black Friday . The first poll was asking which your favourite year was, and the results are shown below;

2010 came in FIRST place with 6 votes.

Uhmm was second place with 3 votes, while 2011 was third place managing only one vote. Nobody liked this years, however!

Now, we will find out through the next poll, where I was asking the users their thoughts on the Black Friday 2012 itself! Results are as shown;

'It's not fair how they did it!' won our poll with 4 votes.

This poll came very tightly. Almost all the other answers had 2 votes, however 'Who cares?' came last with just 1 vote!

Now we know the answer as to why nobody liked this years Black Friday!

Are you happy with the results? If you have any ideas for a new poll, be sure to let me know by leaving a comment below this post!



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