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Upcoming Power 209 is 'XAVI'

Hey guys!

Earlier today , it was confirmed on @twitter that the next power will be XAVI , or Power 209 .

Yes , this power reminds me , as well as many other users , of the famous Barcelona defender, 'Xavi Alonso'. Well, it's not him though, haha! xD

Anyway, about the power / number itself ...

At first it had appeared as just a number , but then the power smiley itself had appeared! Here was someone on Trade with the power ;

They were also attempting to sell the power , which is now currently at 2000 - 3000 xats .

The testing of the power has almost finished and it hasn't even been Saturday yet!

NOTE: The function is currently not available but we'll post further updates in a few hours time!
UPDATE: Rumours are that this power could possibly be an APP. for xat, some even say it's an FX power! Here is a photo that TOM2 posted, (credit to Alejo for showing me pic)

My thoughts is that I think that it'll be a smiley power , and it'll most likely be LIMITED and maybe perhaps even profitable!

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the power by leaving a comment below!
- Aisha 

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