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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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**BREAKING NEWS** - XAVI: A little more Insight!

This morning at **9.15am GMT** Tom2 went online at xat_test to carry on testing the new power , 'XAVI'.

This time though , he was being active and chatting on the main chat; and we were able to get some more info from the upcoming power ...

1. This power is not a game . This was confirmed by Tom2 himself!
2. Tom2 posted on the main chat that he is really looking forward to get the new power finished ... so perhaps it could be something good, or it took him a long time to make...?

He also posted a face , but I doubt this was anything to link with the new power;

3. Tom2 asked the whole chat if they even knew what the letters XAVI stood for. Nobody knew , so he gave a hint from the first letter.

In the second image (smaller) , Mihay guessed 'Xat Avitar' which could be correct!

 So as this new information has been bought to life , I can now confirm and tell you that ...

. This new power is not a game , but could be an APP. of some sort!
. XAVI could be linked to some form of 'Xat Avatar'.
. The testing must have taken a long time ...

Now it's time to share me your thoughts on this new information we've discovered! Be sure to let me know through commenting on this post!

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