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500 XAVI and 10 GOLD Release!

At around **6.35pm GMT** Tom2 had released the XAVI power , which was hugely anticipated!

x500 released costing 500 xats each!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! (6.40pm)

XAVI is currently LIMITED , but will be an unlimited power in the future . The current cost on xat.com/Trade is around 750 - 900 xats.


So yes , if you managed to buy one from the stores , then this power is profitable of around 300 - 700 xats , depending on how many you bought. Me , I bought 2.


Tom2 had decided to release some more GOLD powers despite 10 being released at **10pm GMT** last night! (was kind of influenced because of me)


Few of the users were frustrated because they had to wait 4 minutes although they didn't actually buy the power!

This occured at **6.42pm GMT**.

Which did you buy? Be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the release(s) , and for full information on XAVI, be sure to check our previous posts . 
- Aisha

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