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Weekly News (2-9th December 2012)

As this week is finally coming to an end , let's round up all the things that have / are happening;

. New Christmas gifts were added to the Gift Store.
. The newest power , QUEST2 got released on Sunday morning and is currently the biggest craze on xat.com/Trade
. 10 more GOLD powers released in stores on Sunday morning.

Business News
. The current biggest craze is the newest power , QUEST2. The power has gone up to 350 - 400 xats on Trade , costing 300 xats in stores.
. CARNIVAL is turning rare as nobody is selling , with a user collecting up to 1,000 Carnival powers! Check it out!

The price has gone up to 150 - 200 xats on Trade , and could be expensive for the next couple of days!
. GOLD has also still been in the craze , with users buying the power for 55,000 xats! It's decreased only a slight bit, but will be back to normal soon!


So, that's all the news that's occured this week. Be sure to take part in our weekly poll that's been released tonight!

Until Thursday ... Goodbye, and Take care! 

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