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Final x3000 'QUEST2' Powers Released at AUCTION!

Around **6pm GMT** 42 released the final batch of QUEST2 powers , but this time it was through via Power Auction ...

x3000 released starting at the minimum cost of 200 xats each! N.B. AUCTION ENDS AT **22.03pm+0 GMT**.

Here's the Auction;

So yep, you may have already guessed it, but there's going to be a grand total of x6000 QUEST2 powers on xat.

UPDATE: The cost on Trade has increased to 350 - 400 xats! (6.54pm)

So , are you going to buy yourself a QUEST2 power? Remember , this is your last chance to buy and then you'll have to get yourself one on Trade!

Any comments or questions , just send it below this post!

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