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New Power 210!

This morning the new test power was spotted on xat_test by the Owner Mihay , but later on this afternoon I managed to catch another Volunteer on the same chat with the number;

It's shown below! (edited on photoshop cs6 as I am learning)

The price of the test power is around 2000 - 4000 xats but should drop by tomorrow afternoon as we get more of an idea about the power.

UPDATE: Nothing necessarily about the power itself , but TOM2 came online and was asking whether 210 would be expensive , he didn't give much away though;


Do you feel this power will be limited or unlimited ? Be sure to let me know through the comments below!



  1. Aisha! Nice photo :P. I think new power will be unlimited.


    1. Hey Hean!
      Thanks :P
      To be honest , I'm not sure what the new power is going to be lol, xat is unpredictable these days ...

      P.S. Feel free to edit this post if necessary :-P

  2. I believe it will be a group limited power :S -Carbon :)

    1. Perhaps , considering the increased number of Limited powers being released weekly , plus New Year is coming up, so we'll see ... ^.^


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