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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

This post will be completed within 3 days Hello. I'm Aisha. I have been on xat since February 2009, known by many. I have helped peopl...

Happy New Year from AishaSites!

I'd just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This year on the Aishasites Blog we've been attracting many more users , as we're getting to reach the 50,000 hits bar! With hundreds of posts being created , fully detailed and accurate , this has given many xat users who follow our blog beneficial experience and further knowledge on what goes on around xat.

2013 will carry on as normal , and you will notice a new banner and blog title by tomorrow evening. This will give our blog some changes as a refurbished look.

Meanwhile , Tom2 has created the 2013 pawn a couple of days ago to celebrate the new year coming ; (LIMITED)

But that's NOT ALL! Last night he also updated the power itself to say 2013 instead of 2012. This rules out rumours of it re-releasing ...

So , tell me your plans... what are you going to do for this year? I'm just going to stay at home with my family!

Be sure to leave a comment below and once again from me and all the staff at AishaSites ...


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