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Squeak! Power 210 is 'KMOUSE'.

Well , I was wondering how long it would be before another K power returns , and today was the day!

Power 210 is KMOUSE as I saw Tom2 with the power on xat_test this afternoon!

Here is the only user I managed to catch trying to sell the power on Trade & Cambio;


This power comes with 14 different mousy smileys, which are shown below;

(kmcheer) (kmcry) (kmeyerub) (kmfit) (kmfrustrate) (kmglare) (kmgrouch) (kmhide) (kmhug) (kmlaugh) (kmshock) (kmshuffle) (kmsleepy) (kmsmile) 

So , what are your thoughts on this power? Be sure to leave me your thoughts through the comments below!

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