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1000 KMOUSE and 10 GOLD Release!

At around **5.10pm GMT** Tom2 released some GOLD powers as well as releasing the brand new power 210 , 'KMOUSE!'

x1000 released costing 300 xats

The release of GOLD occurred straight when KMOUSE was released! You know how Gold is, so let's get on with the KMOUSE power ...

People were buying the power for around 320 - 350 xats when it was out , so you were able to profit .

UPDATE: SOLD OUT. (5.19pm)

The price on Trade was and is currently 400 - 450 xats , so you are lucky to make some profit! 

"This power may be profitable at the moment , but because it's a K power and it's always dropped quite a bit from before , it's most likely that the price could drop significantly within the next release! K powers have a reputation of doing this, but that's just my thought. Many users have already profited around 200+ xats from this, so it's up to you! It's just great to see a K power be profitable for a change..."

What do you think of KMOUSE? Let me know through commenting below! ;)

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  1. It's an ok power, just too bad I missed gold xD. -Carbon


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