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Power 208 , 'GLITTERFX' Releases!

At around **5.25pm GMT** Mihay came on xat_test and had announced that @twitter was updated , so everyone went to check ;

Around 10 minutes later , the power had released !

NOTE: No information was passed on from this power and the release after the post above , so nobody knows whether it is LIMITED or UNLIMITED .

x500 GLITTERFX released costing 250 xats

Looking at first impressions, this basically looks like the BURNINGHEART power but in a blue version! Another impression is that it looks to be a Christmas themed power , but I don't think it is!

UPDATE: SOLD OUT! (5.42pm)
The release took around 10 minutes until the power became unavailable , with many users being able to buy themselves around 3 - 4 of the power. It was 1 per user every 4 minutes in case you couldn't buy one for those reasons!

Perhaps because of it's appearance and nobody knows of it's future , the price has rapidly increased and is now currently 700 - 850 xats on Trade , and could most likely increase in price even more...!

Here was what was happening on the room WEIRD TRIBE. (6.35pm)



Now , we may know about the release that's just gone ahead , but what about the Power FUNCTION? We've not done a release before a function , but anyways ...

Hence the name , 'GlitterFX' , this is another power that gives us special effects . This time , it gives us 'Glitter type affects'. Here was me with the power that I had bought from somebody ;

The only function it does is let you add the code (#glitterfx) to any power smiley. Below are 3 examples of me using GLITTERFX to create;
(goo#glitterfx) - Left
(smile#glitterfx) - Middle
(cool#glitterfx) - Right   

It looks like snow pouring down the smiley , which seems really cool in my opinion!

So , that's everything you need to know about the GLITTERFX power! We sure got a surprise about it, didn't we? Well, at least they kept to schedule...

Finally, I'd like you to tell me YOUR thoughts on this new power. In my opinion, I feel that although it isn't, I feel that it's a Christmas themed power , and it's finally a GOOD power that's been released, (and profitable)

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below this post! (:
- Aisha     

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