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x3000 'QUEST2' Powers Released! (FINAL UPDATES)

5 minutes after the release of GOLD , 42 finally decided to release Power 207 known as 'QUEST2' into stores!

x3000 released costing 300 xats each. N.B. 2 PER USER! LIMITED!

The time that the power came out was around **11.20am GMT**.

CREDIT: Special thanks to Carbon for providing me with the pic.
The release has been taking quite a while now , probably because there were quite alot released at once. The price has also not increased so much because it was announced on twitter that more will be out later today!


Many users would have most likely been able to buy themselves 8-10 of the QUEST2 power because of the release going quite slow.

A few hours later, (4.36pm) and the current price has stayed at 315 - 330 xats on xat.com/Trade. I only managed to find one user with alot of the QUEST2 power;  

Update: Another user caught with over 200 QUEST2 Powers!

Remember , that although people profited a small amount from this power , there's no point overloading yourself on the next release, because it's most likely that the power is going to drop down in price, especially since it's a sequel power, but that's just a tip!

So, what are your views on the new power? I find it pointless in my opinion , nobody really liked it so yeah.

Be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the power!

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