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Next Power is 'POKER' ... Official Guide!

Hey guys!

It's a Friday afternoon , which means we've just come back from a tiring week of School, only to find out that there's going to be a new power coming up!

This week, we're going to witness Power ID 196.


So what are you thinking? Most likely what is the power going to be! So don't worry, our blog is here to tell you! So, where to start...?

I went on Help at around **4.45pm GMT** and I saw Spell with the upcoming power, (most likely power 196)

NEW POWER: POKER, also known as Power 196 has been spotted on xat.com/Help on Friday afternoon from a xat Volunteer. On the left is a bigger size thanks to @xatworld.com 's official smiley generator.
Here is what it looks like when on your Powers page:


And here is what it looks like when you post it on the Main Chat

So finally, we present to you the function.

POKER is obviously another Smiley power which means that it will come with different smilies. There are 12 'gambling' smileys you can use. The image of ALL smileys are shown below. Note: Codes coming SOON!

It is due to be released later TODAY and we are not sure whether it is going to be LIMITED or not! They have released over 5 limited powers in a row before SNAKERACE!

Update: There seems to be a glitch as a staff on Help has nothing as their pawn! People are saying this could be the new 'POKER' pawn in development.

What do YOU think? Do you like the smileys and the power itself? Are you going to try and make some profit from it?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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