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Pony Power 'SOLD OUT!'

Warning: This post is not accurate as the final release of 'PONY' had already occurred. However this post will give you any information you still want to find out.

Yesterday 42 announced the Final release of Power 197 aka PONY . This power costs 200 xats in stores and is a LIMITED power. The price on Trade has always been around 195 - 210 xats because of the releases.

Demand wise has not been so great, as yes it is another smiley / animal power. They released it in small bunches with releases every 3 - 4 hours .

Here was the announcement made on @xattwitter  

There was also a Banner for it as well!

This power is now SOLD OUT so if you haven't managed to buy yourself a PONY from the store then that's tough luck now, sorry!

What do you think of the power? Give me your final thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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