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Happy Birthday Xat: Follow EVERY News and Info through this Post!

Hey guys!

Today is Sunday, and today also means that it's xat's Anniversary . As you may have read from our previous post, last year 42 re-released LIMITED powers!

I'm afraid that this year it's not going to currently happen!

However , the ID Auction is back and 42 has announced that there are x2 very RARE ID'S that are up to try and bid on.

6M (6000000) and 600000 have been put up for Auction. The first one is a 7 digit which will actually appear as just '6M' and the second one is a 6 digit
Here is the Auction on where you can actually bid for the following ID's:

As you can see, these ID's are going to be very expensive, so it's most likely only few users can actually purchase this ID.

Note: The Auction finishes at **11pm GMT**

The SECOND thing that 42 has decided to do to celebrate xat's Birthday is let every user who is registered on xat become a Subscriber!

Note: Your powers will NOT return, you will have to properly buy a day for that. However , you can use Subscriber only smileys and effects to your images. You can also access xat.com/Trade . You can not sell your day as it still says you have 0 days!

The announcement occured at **11am GMT**

The final piece of news is that a few more powers are being dropped down on xat.com/Trade . Namecolor is now around 9700 - 9800 xats  and is expected to drop more in a few days as users are predicting that the epics will become lower in price at the power store!

So, what do you think of how xat's Birthday was celebrated? Was this a good idea? In my opinion, I don't think limited powers should have returned because of Black Friday 2012 and Thanksgiving Day , but you may never know!

Leave a comment and tell me what YOU think, or if you have any questions post it here and I will get back to you as soon as I can! :)

~ Aisha
Blog owner  

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