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Welcome our next RARE Power... 'EVERYPOWER!'

Hey guys!

I apologise for not being on for a few days, I will be taking a break now and again. Anyhow, let's catch up on the latest news.

As many of you may already know, there has been something that has caused so much attention and gossip around the xat site. Why? Because there's been a New Pawn welcomed!

The name of the new power? Well, the title probably says it all... it's known as EVERYPOWER!

Yes, if you see from the hint above, it is an EPIC power. This is the third pawn to be an Epic power (excluding Blueman and Pink) and the 5th epic overall.

This pawn has a ruby form of colour to it. It is also Power 95!

Below are the smileys in different forms:

I went on xat_test and saw around 4 people have this power. One of them was Carbon. 

NOTE: This power is NOT available to buy and will NEVER be released! You must have ALL the powers, including EPICS in order to have this power. It will appear automatically once you have EVERY power!

If any of you are wondering, Allpowers including Epics costs around 180,000 xats , so it is very expensive and will be the rarest power that has ever been released on xat!

EVERYPOWER also comes along with a pawn. The following code is (hat#hR) 
Note: The code must have a Capital R in order to work! 

Positives about the power:
  • It is very rare and you will be considered a very rich user if you have the power. It is even more rarer than GOLD
  •  EVERYPOWER is worth over 180,000 xats and will keep going up when new powers become released. This is because in order to have the power, you need EVERY other power! (just like ALLPOWERS)
  • You can have a hat with it. The only other epic power which gave you a pawn / smileys was GOLD which came with 4 smileys!
Negatives about the power:
  • When a new power comes out you have to buy it in order to keep EVERYPOWERS . It works just like allpowers so you have to have much more xats in general.
  • You can not sell or buy this power on Trade individually!
  • This power will never be released into the stores like the GOLD power.
  • The pawn looks like the one when a user has logged out of a chat / has appeared offline. (difference shown in image below)
So, that's everything about the power. Because of this new power, GOLD has lost some demand as well as PURPLE dropping down in price even more!

Update: EVERYPOWER 's description has been published onto the Power page. I checked it a few hours ago this afternoon.

As you can see it is under (Allpowers) and it says you can not Trade it. 

What do you think of this new power? Have you got every power and have it, and if not, how close are you into having this power? 

Leave a comment to let me know! 


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