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x500 'EGGS' Release! (ID 222) & ID 224 Spotted!

Hi all ,

This post will explain to you about the newest Easter themed power , which is known as 'EGGS'.

First , on Thursday Afternoon Tom2 was online with the newest ID , '222'. But he also had ID 224 , which some users think that it could be an EPIC power ...

But Friday Afternoon (today) , we discovered that the new power was EGGS and had been released!

At **4.25pm GMT** the power got released in stores!

x500 released costing 299 xats each. LIMITED POWER!
Yes , that's right , it is limited , and it's very popular on Trade at the moment , as the price has increased heavily up to 700 - 800 xats .

These users weren't false. However , the price did end up slightly dropping down to around 700 - 750 xats.

NOW ...

About ID 224 . To rule the rumours out , I am going to say it bold and big ;

So , what's it going to be then? It's confirmed to be a Game power called 'HEARTS'. Tom2 has been testing for the last few days. Here's a sneak peek;

So what do you think of HEARTS and EGGS? Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

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