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x500 SPRING Release!

Well ... FINALLY!

After waiting around 4-6 hours , at **5.55pm GMT** Tom2 was finally active again to release the newest power , SPRING. (219)

500 released costing 300 xats each. LIMITED POWER!

It looks like xatalert were wrong , with many users annoyed as the site had stated the cost would be 250 xats. Not accurate there , eh?!

The release took a few minutes , but once it was over , the price soared quite high, which wasn't that shocking as many were waiting hours and the cost was expensive in the morning at 1k, but mainly many users admired the smiley and I have to admit, it's probably like a 2010 power! (e.g. Easter)

So , what was the price like on Trade? The cost had suddenly risen to 500 - 600 xats straight after it was sold out;

But it only took 10 minutes until the price had increased to 550 - 650 xats .

 But the price has increased AGAIN and is now currently at the price of 650 - 800 xats!

So , what are your thoughts on the new power? It's very profitable, but that wasn't a shock, although it was only 1 per user .

Remember, for the function and smiley of the power, check out previous posts below!


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