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'EGGS' Updates! (ID 222)

Hi all,

I would just like to clarify some updated information on our newest power , 'EGGS'.

1)  The power had gone down in price to 550 - 650 xats after x1000 had released last night.
2 At around **12pm GMT** another batch of x500 EGG powers had been released , costing 299 xats. The price now is 350 - 400 xats.

3) Tom2 has put up a Banner counting down the release of EGGS. Because of this , the price has now dropped down to 330 - 370 xats and is expected to drop more ...

And finally , we were promised a new smiley for EGGS every day . Today , we have the smiley (chickwalk)

Here it is!


Keep checking our blog for the latest updates on the new power! ;-) 

UPDATE: At around **2.25pm GMT** EGGS had been released again!

x400 released costing 299 xats

It took around 100 seconds to sell , which is quite slow in my opinion. The price has slightly dropped down to 330 - 350 xats , but it'll only be a few hours until the power doesn't profit any longer!

I hope you managed to get yourselves one. 1 PER USER! 

So what happened? Every 3-4 hours , between 400 - 600 EGGS power(s) were released in the stores costing 299 xats each.

There was a banner like the one below counting down until the power released . Once it was time , there was a set amount on how many users could buy.
N.B. This increased later on during the day , until it was a MAX of 50.  

The demand was going from the power on Trade , as the price had dropped down to 295 - 305 xats and took several minutes to get sold out of the store.

The price after the announcement SOLD OUT had increased to 350 - 400 xats , however this did not last as the price is now 315 - 350 xats.

UPDATE: Most of the smilies;


Overall opinion of the power? Be sure to let me know!


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