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x2500 KFOX Release!

Hi all!

After hours of anticipation and eagerness , at **5.05pm GMT** the unexpected new power , 'KFOX' was released!

x2500 released costing 301 xats

Most of the xat blogs had predicted this cost , and they were correct. It was 1 PER USER so the release took around 15 minutes , with users able to get between 2 - 4 among them.

After it was sold out , the price had quickly increased and became around 400 - 500 xats .

It rose so quickly that the price ended up reaching between 700 - 800 xats , which was a bit of a shock for this type of power!

But the price has now dropped down to 600 - 650 xats with many more users trying to sell. The next release will be at **6am BST** as CLOCKS GO FORWARD AT 1AM!

I hope you managed to buy yourself a KFOX power! (:


  1. 10.20PM PST. http://prntscr.com/yjk73 kfox at 301 xats (2500)

    1. Thanks , Gonna use the image and credit you.


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