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Final x2500 KFOX Release (FINAL UPDATES)

Hey all.

12 hours after the original release , the final batch of KFOX powers had been released .

x2500 released costing 301 xats each. LIMITED!

The price before the release was around 650 - 700 xats , but was still pretty high and in demand.

The price after the second release dropped to 530 - 580 xats , but then a few hours later the power had increased to 700 - 800 xats as more users were on.

But NOW the price has dropped back down and has settled at 600 - 650 xats on Trade , with many people still buying.

In conclusion , a few people I spoke to claimed they had profited at least 8,000 xats , which is very good for these type of power!

For more details on the power itself , check our previous posts!
Hope you got one , and Happy Easter (-:

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