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This has got to be the weirdest thing that has ever happened on xat ... EVER!

When I came on Trade this evening , users were suddenly selling the LANG power for around 4.000 - 5.000 xats when the power used to be at the cost climaxing between 7.000 - 8.000 xats , the price being so high because hardly anybody had been selling!

I managed to buy one for 4,000 xats , not aware that it had been released. I managed to sell it for 7,000 to a user who was also not aware of the release. The user was logging in before we had traded , so why hadn't I been suspicious of this before?

I then decided to check the power store and what did I see? The power itself , released as UNLIMITED!

Here was an old post on my Blog that was dated a couple of months back , when the power originally released 

It said that it was a LIMITED power but actually I had posted false info back then. It had never announced whether or not the power was going to be limited or unlimited ... we had all just assumed.

So , what's the story? 42 released the first batch of 500 LANG powers which turned out to be profitable. He then released a bunch more , but that took over 24 hours to sell out. Because of this, 42 knew that the power had no demand , and so didn't release anymore and kept it limited. There was a total of 2,000 LANG powers.

Around 1-2 months later , users had started buying the power, and it had risen quickly to 4,000 xats. From there , not many users were selling , and the power quickly increased. Users such as CYTAR , VALY and SPEED were buying a collection of LANG for a very high price.

As a conclusion to this , the power had been increased and users were buying between 7,000 - 7,500 xats and looked to be increasing further.

Because of this release and the previous extreme costs , users were going manic and attempting to sell at a variety of prices. Many users fell for this, including me, and no wonder. There wasn't a scroller or Twitter announcement at this time, so who can blame them?

The sad thing is, because of the Black Market of LANG powers at the time, many users had to buy high, and because of this unexpected release, many lost profit. Around 90% of the people who had LANG powers lost at least 3,000 xats profit which is alot at the average!

But compared to them , it was nothing when you mention about the 3 users I posted earlier, buying a collection of LANG powers.

CYTAR - Admitted on xat_test that he made a loss of 300,000 xats after buying x40 LANG powers.

VALY - Had lost around 70,000 - 80,000 xats after having around 23 , but was seen buying for 7,000 xats yesterday and earlier today. He now has 19, and has decided to keep his x200 Summers to try and hopefully reduce the loss.

SPEED - It's rumoured he has around 25 , but he has not been online yet to confirm this. He was buying for around 6,000 xats each last time users checked, but he will be distraught. That's a total of around 90,000 xats!

In total of the xats lost between the 3 of them , that's around an average of 450,000 xats , which only 30% of xat users probably has!

The price on Trade is now between 1,700 - 1,900 xats , but who really cares as users lost so much xats from this ...

Now there's got to be one final question: Why suddenly now that the LANG power becomes unlimited , with no given warning whatsoever? 

Christina had stated on the main chat of Trade that more users had wanted to assign the LANG power onto their chats , and because not many had released and the huge cost , 42 decided to release some.

This is a hypothetical hypothesis , but is most likely accurate. 

What's most likely is that MATCHRACE could end up having the same fate. I don't want to scare all of you that has it (currently 800 - 1000 xats) , but that could be the sheer reality. The power was not announced limited or unlimited, and stayed limited due to the lack of interest and currently has a small quantity. This power is much easier to afford, however, so is highly unlikely to follow suit.

Please don't vent your anger out on 42. I've seen many users frustrated and going on other chats doing so, with many users happy and sniggering at the sudden surprise. I will certainly though try to ask him this weekend with the sudden action , and I'm sure hopefully many of you will too.

What are your thoughts? How much xats did you win or lose? This is a perfect debate to get your weekend warmed up! 

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  1. Really bad move from xat -.- At least I didn't invest on lang to lose any...



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