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x1500 PRE-Release 'HEARTS' (Not Limited!)

NOTE: This power is UNLIMITED . When you buy the power on Trade you buy it at your own risk of losing profit!

After weeks of excitement and being at the cost of 2.500 xats on Trade , the GAME power 'HEARTS' (224) was finally released into stores! 

This occured at **1.05pm BST** after Mihay said 'powers' and Tom2 came on the chat asking everyone to help test the new power by buying one;


x1500 re-release HEARTS released costing 500 xats each . NOT LIMITED!

This power took around 15 - 20 minutes to sell out , which frustrated me as so many people were so eager to buy the power , maybe because it was going to be unlimited. Anyways , users were able to get 4 - 5 HEARTS powers each , as it was 1 Every 4 Minutes!


UPDATE: SOLD OUT! (1.20pm)

Once the release was over , the price had increased strangley to 600 - 650 xats , but that was too good to be true because ...

... after 15 minutes the power rapidly dropped down and is now currently between 450 - 490 xats as more users became more aware that it was an unlimited power.

What made me annoyed then? Well , it was the fact that everyone wanted it to release but now it's gone below store price , with the banner tricking many users.

Oh well! I still find the game good! What about you? Did you manage to buy a HEARTS power during the release? 

Comment with your thoughts below!

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