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Power 226 is KCOW!

Hey all!

Yep , it looks like we're going to have the Animal powers back with us again ...!

Yesterday afternoon we had spotted ID 226 on Trade with a few users trying to sell the number , but today it was no longer a number ... but instead the newest power; KCOW! MOO!

This follows up the last power , KFOX , which was quite a profit , so maybe we shouldn't be so hard on this new power.

Just in case you were wondering , here's Cupim with the new power which also has the smiley now!

Being as this is another smiley power , it obviously comes with 'Cow Smilies'. These will be posted when the power itself has been released.

Users are still trying to sell the power , but for cheaper now as it's most likely going to release tomorrow afternoon (with Gold?) and we know what to expect!

Do you like cows? Will you be getting this power? Maybe you don't like it , but have to retain it in order to keep EVERYPOWERS ... oh well!

Any questions or comments about the new power , and you know what to do |;-)

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