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DROP has Dropped ... Not just THAT!


I apologise for leaving this post blank!

Anyway ...

I'm sure that you remember the power ... DROP . A bit of controversy, with it reaching the peak of 33,000 xats on the debut of release ... well not anymore!

A couple of days ago the price was at 2,300 - 2,500 xats and had settled at that for a couple of weeks ... well ...


Yes, this has been CONFIRMED by at least 5 people I talked to on TRADE. He has , and that is why the power has dropped!

It has now stayed at around 1,000 - 1,100 xats but could drop more...

UPDATE: DROP has decreased price even more over the last couple of days , but as the price has now settled I can now confirm the price to be between 900 - 950 xats ... very cheap if you think about it!

It COULD raise ... depending on demand.

Meanwhile , I'm sure you all also remember the KMOUSE power! Well , being how stupid users can be (no offence intended) the price has increased overnight from 900 - 1100 xats to what is now currently between 2,000 - 2,600 xats!

Yes, you've read ... It's increased by more than DOUBLE it's original price!


Please be aware for scammers.

Safe Trading!

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