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Power #155 confirmed as REINDEER (Released)

An hour ago, at 4pm GBT Time, xat released their new power also known as Reindeer!

 Xat had announced this @3pm GBT Time. 1,750 Reindeers were released, with the price dropping to 200 xats!

NOTE: This power is now all sold out, and is now currently limited!

This power is going to be limited, and is a Christmas themed power.

3 more sets of  1,750 Reindeer powers will be released in 6 hours time. The next release will be at 10pm, making it 3,500 Reindeer powers in total.

By the time Reindeer has stopped releasing, there will be a total of 7,000 Reindeer powers, just like Snowman.

The power comes with Reindeer themed smiles. Here are the following in order from left to right...
(reindeer) (resurprised) (resmirk) (resleepy) (resad) (reredface) (relaugh) (reglare) (recry) (recool) (reangry) (renose)
What do you think? Do you prefer this more to Snowman? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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