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REINDEER Power Out NOW! (Last release)

Just a few minutes ago, @3.15pm GBT Time Carbon had pointed out that the Reindeer power made its final appearence into the stores!

Here it is...!

The power had failed after its third release, where the power had dropped to 200 - 220 xats. There are now currently sellers for 210 xats! There were 5250 Altogether but after the power becomes limited, there will be 7000 in total.

Check the updates below to keep in track with this power! Also, have some spare time? Answer our poll!

UPDATE 1: Everyone is selling their Reindeer powers at 210 - 220 xats, when the power is still 290-300 in stores! However, around 20 people had bought it at the current store price as posted.
UPDATE 2: Nobody is buying the Reindeer power. They all decided not to buy anymore after the 3rd release happened.
UPDATE 3: The price reached 200 xats at around 7PM GBT Time
UPDATE 4: Reindeer powers are now ALL sold out! The power went at 8pm GBT Time, and has now lost huge demand. There are now officially 7,000 Reindeer powers on xat!
FINAL UPDATE: Reindeer is now currently 180 - 200 xats! There are people who sell the power for 190 xats, and has dropped. There is somebody with 50+ Reindeer, so could they attempt to raise the power, or will it hardly ever raise demand?   

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