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Aisha's Christmas Party Extravaganza!

Hello everybody...!

I'm sure if you remember, last year to celebrate the new year, (2011) I had set up a party on the 31st December at my old chat, CpBoys! It went bad at first, due to certain people, but then they were banned, more people came, and we had a great time! Over 20 people had come, and the party was from 7 - 9pm!

This year, I've decided to have a Christmas themed party instead! I've already given my chat a Christmas themed look, and it looks much better than last years!

Here are some of the things you might experience when you're at the party, if the majority would like it:
- Chat promotion on a half hour basis. It it works out great, then the promotion will be on for longer!
- Perm owner positions can be earned through hard work much easier than it usually is! You may also be temp modded if you are a member! 
- People are free to hold contests for all to participate in, unless they cause drama. 

- There will be trivia questions about xat and maybe general stuff. Winner will get Perm Owner, and will stay it even after the chat resets.
- We will Spaceban people on the chat. Whoever gets the quickest time will recieve 50 xats.
- Staff can hold contests, and the prizes are entierly their own choice. Terms and Conditions for the contests also apply according to their rules.

- People must be sensible and respect all users when on the chat. If the chat does experience promotion, you must be able to accept that there are some idiots on xat.
- Banning will be stricter to ALL people, including staff.
- You can smiley spam and use all CAPS, as well as posting several messages, as you can see on our Christmas themed rules on the chat. Concequences may vary if use for abuse.

Party Details
Date: Saturday 24th December 2011 OR Monday 26th December 2011 OR Friday 30th December 2011
Time: N/A
Place: http://www.xat.com/AishaSites  
Description: Everybody is invited for the occasion! Make sure you bring your festive cheer, and we'll hopefully have loads of fun!

If you're able to come, please leave a comment. This would be a great time for us all to hang out and have great fun, and hopefully it'll be much more better than last years! 

Hope you can join us! 


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