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Nice new Christmas Gift

Today on Trade, I saw somebody post this Christmas themed kiss that was pretty new. Here it is:

It also comes along with a 'Jingle bells' theme tune. What do you think of it? Here is the one to pick in the options if you are wanting to use it...

For those who are new to xat, here is how you open up the kiss options.

Step 1: Click the weird ball that has the number 8 inside of it, like shown in the picture below.

Note: The 8ball will automatically be there every time you sign in onto a chat. Even if you're not on, it will still be there. However, you have to be signed in to use it, obviously.

This kiss, along with all the other kisses, will cost 25 xats each! You do not need to be a subscriber to use these kisses.

Advantages of using a kiss:
- It's a great way to let people know what you're trying to send or tell them.
- It lasts for around 30 seconds so you can admire what you've done if you've said something really nice.
- You don't need to be a subscriber or have powers to use this kiss.
Disadvantages of using a kiss:
- It lags some peoples computers.
- Some chats kick you for using them, because even though you've paid xats for it, people usually get annoyed with people sending kisses, especially very popular chats.
- If you've made a mistake, such as typing the wrong thing or choosing the wrong kiss, once you've chosen it, you've lost your 25 xats.
- It's sometimes not the best way to spread messages around to people, or if the person you're trying to send it to is away or talking in private chat, they don't recieve it and will never see it unless you spend another 25 xats, which may be pointless.

The reason I wanted to give information so much about kisses in general, is because I've seen people and chats do all the advantages and disadvantages. What do you think? Is this kiss that I've shown you worth the xats? Or might it be too laggy? Give me your thoughts by leaving me a comment on this post!   

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