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REINDEER Out in Stores NOW!

I came on xat at 7.45am GBT time, and I saw that xat had released 1,750 Reindeer powers into the stores!

Apparently the starting price was 300 xats!

The power will reduce to 200 xats, and is currently 240 xats. Read the following updates to find out what is happening with the power!

UPDATE 1: The price has been reduced to 235 xats. (7.50am) 1,534 Remaining! 

UPDATE 2: Reindeer has been dropped to 230 xats! (7.55am) It's possible that the power drops 5 xats every 5 minutes! People are currently buying the power for 235-250 xats on Trade! 1512 Remaining!

UPDATE 3: There are now exactly 1500 Reindeers remaining! (8.00am)

UPDATE 4: Reindeer is now 225 xats! (8.07am) and there are 1470 Remaining!

UPDATE 5: Price is now 220 xats! (8.17am) with 1415 Remaining!

UPDATE 7: 1400 Remaining! (8.19am)

UPDATE 8: Price is now 215 xats! (8.30am) and there are currently 1363 Remaining!

UPDATE 9: Reindeer went to 210 xats (8.40am) and now drops 5 xats every 10 minutes. There are now 1301 Remaining!

UPDATE 10: Price is now 205 xats! (8.50am) and there are only 1222 Remaining! The power is going fast, and costs 210 - 215 on Trade!

UPDATE 11: 1200 Remaining! (8.52am)

UPDATE 12: Reindeer is finlly at its final price of 200 xats! (8.59am) Buy yours now before it's all sold out! 1059 Remaining!

UPDATE 13: 999 Remaining! (9.03am) The price on Trade is 205 - 215 xats!


UPDATE 14: The power is dropping slightly, and is now currently 205 - 210 xats. Could this power be a sequal to the School power?! 811 Remaining! (9.11am)


Did you manage to get yourself the Reindeer power? That may have been the last of the releases, so make sure you do!



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