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DUNCE Power Released!

Yesterday, the Dunce power was released into the stores costing 250 xats.

This power is unlimited and is also a group power!

If someone dunces you, it adds a Dunce hat onto your pawn! Take a look, and see!

NOTE: Abby was supposed to dunce me for only 1 hour, but it came out as forever. Could this have possibly been a glitch?
For those who don't know, a Dunce isn't a good thing! It's a tradition that schools in America used to, and possibly still do. Anyway, once the hours are gone, the Dunce hat will be removed fom your pawn.

The power also comes along with additional smileys. There isn't many, but here are the smileys in order from left to right... (dunce) (duh) (doh)

What do you think? Do you want to be dunced? Let me know!

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