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UNDEFINED Is 'SPEECH': Official Guide!

Most of us were wondering what 'undefined' was going to be, as it didn't appear as a number. However, this was most likely ID 201 .

Late last night this power was confirmed to be called 'Speech' , and like we've done with recent powers, we've created a Guide to explain you the power!

SPEECH will be released later today, or if glitches and errors come up, tomorrow (@Sunday), however that is highly unlikely!

We are not sure whether it is going to be LIMITED or UNLIMITED , but after what happened with 'Drop' last week, we doubt it will be huge.

Here is Tom2 with the power:

Here is the main smiley in the different sizes that you will see around. This includes:

  • What it looks like in a bigger size.
  • What it looks like in your powers page
  • What it looks like when you post it on the main chat

It may not seem like it, but yes, this IS another smiley power! The following smileys are shown in the following order from left to right:

Note: There are x12 smileys to this power!

(speech) (spd) (spfrus) (spyay) (spkiss) (splap) (splove) (spvamp) (spwrite) (spxmas) (sppup) (spback)

I pretty like the last pawn, but of course they are all obviously speech bubbles! With the power, there is also a new pawn, check it out!

Weekly Pawn: Speech (hat#hp)

15.10: The power has been added to the Wiki around 10 minutes ago! It shows the smileys and the weekly pawn, with more info coming soon!

15.14: Mihay has posted the smileys for the power again, but 2 of them are different than last time! (updating soon)

15.16: A user posted an image showing another user asking 42 when the release will occur! (credits @user)


So, what are your thoughts on this new power? Are you going to buy it? I think it may fail, and will probably be unlimited!

We'll have more info published SOON , but if you have any questions or comments , be sure to leave a comment below this post!

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