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HALLOWEEN 2012: 'x500' Halloween Powers to BE RELEASED - 'Official Guide!'

Happy Halloween everyone!

For the past couple of days most of us were wondering what 42 had in store for this year's Halloween, with some expecting the power itself to be re-released! Well guess what, you're correct!

Unlike last year, we will provide you with a much better Guide, and we'll try our best to get you images of the release as well!

This power is LIMITED and was first released in October 2009 costing 300 xats. Until recently, you were only able to use x10 smileys when you bought the power.

Due to its popularity, it has had some re-releases. The following have been shown below.

October 2010 - x500 released costing 750 xats.
October 2011 - x1500 released finishing at 1244 xats and starting at 2500 xats.

42 has announced on twitter this time that Halloween was going to be released and he also said how it will be released!

There will be 5 sets of Halloween powers. The first set occured at **4.50pm+0 GMT** at the cost of 400 xats.

If you missed the release, which I certainly did, don't you worry as there'll be 4 more releases, and like everyone predicted, you'll be able to make around 300 xats profit for each release, so everyone wins in the end! (except those who couldn't buy!)

- This post will be manually updated whenever I am available / online. 
Note: Please be aware that I will most likely miss 2-3 releases, so do not panic. I will give you as much info I can. If this is the case, keep checking xat's Twitter and check the prices on Trade by clicking Search

- We will tell you how the price is doing around xat, which means the demand and ongoing cost on Trade.

- When a release occurs, I'll try my best to publish it on the blog. I will also try to include an image of the release. If this is not successful, I will have to be ridiculous and edit it.

17.45: Because the price in store is going to be 400 xats , the price on Trade has been dropped to 700 - 800 xats .

17.48: Although users are aware of the future releases yet to come, the demand is getting higher and more people trying to buy.

The second release has occured, at **5.50pm+0 GMT**, exactly one hour after the first release! 


Straight after the release, 42 went on xat_test to find out if the 2nd release occured, and realised how fast it's getting sold out!

18:01: Price has been dropped to 750 - 800 xats on Trade.


Note: Here's a reminder of the smileys -


Did you buy yourself a Halloween power? Are you going to buy one, and if you did, how much profit did you make altogether? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

And once again... Happy Halloween! :D

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