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SPACEWAR Power Release: Official Guide!

It's come early!

SPACEWAR , also known as Power 200 , got released at **6pm GMT** on a Thursday night which is pretty early for 42 to be releasing... 

However , there's a catch!

100 released costing 1000 xats each. When it means 'Limited to 2000' it may be that there's only going to be 2000 in total ?

The power is still in testing form as they hint 'test powers' got released. That's why there is no image of the power in the power stores, (see below)


You'll be able to make some profit as it's currently 2500 - 2800 xats in the stores.

Update: The image of the power has finally been uploaded and put onto the Powers store!


Have you bought SPACEWAR yet? Don't worry if you didn't know about the release, more will come out soon! 

If you have a question let me know by leaving a comment below.

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