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BLACK FRIDAY 2013 Countdown: Power Prices!

Hello everyone!

With less than a week until the Official Start of Black Friday 2013, and with the introduction to our newest power 'BLACKFRIDAY' and knowledge to the function, many powers and their prices have dropped in price and demand!

Here are the following changes:

Previous price: 17000 - 18000 xats
Price now: 15,500 - 16,000 xats

Previous price: 13,000 - 13,500 xats
Price now: 12,000 - 12,500 xats

Previous price: 23,500 - 23,700 xats
Price now: 22,800 - 23,200 xats

Previous price: 9650 - 9750 xats
Price now: 9400 - 9500 xats

Keep checking this post if you want to know all the updates, and as the new power is close to being released, prices will be dropping even more!
- Aisha    


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