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Black Friday Power 'Currently' LIMITED ... (POWER UPDATES & SCREENSHOTS)

First of all, I would like to give special thanks to every single one of you that helped me with Saturday's dramatic day of limited powers releasing . Full credits can be found on the post below, but there was an estimate of 15 people that managed to provide me Power Prices, Screenshots, and useful information for other users.

Last night saw over 13 tabs, which is considered normal for this kind of occasion. Our Blog also managed 400 pageviews yesterday, the most we've had for a while. Alot of users told me they found this Blog and Post helpful, which surely proves we're one of the best Blogs to find information, and considering I'm a Trader myself, I feel that I can provide you the best of coverage!

Now, some powers are still down in price after many users were able to get several limited powers in store. 3-5 people won GOLD while another user won over 30 limited powers, including BOOT.

Here are the Screenshots of the powers at the current day, (Sunday afternoon)

  • Check out how quickly the inflated prices of these powers drop after 1 day, as well as it being a week until Black Friday.

Users on xat_test talking about how much profit they made and what they're going to do about the BLACKFRIDAY power on Trade ...

A few people have collected over 1000+ Blackfriday powers, like Beet:

Most likely so they can be used for special Auctions such as this unique '4' obsessed Auction, released today:

So, there you go!

I guess you could say after 3 days of excitement, it was all worth it for many users, a few were very grateful for the event. However...

The official day for Black Friday 2013 is 29th November, so perhaps could something else happen even more exciting?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments, so don't be shy, and have a go! (Once again, thank you for everyone who helped out!)
- Aisha  

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