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Power 258: 1000 'PRE-RELEASE' Piracy Power INFORMATION!

Hello there!

The newest power ID, (officially confirmed by admins themselves) 258 , is known as 'PIRACY'

Power Smiley: 
Cost in store: 266 xats
Current Quantity: 1000
Cost on TRADE: 400 - 550 xats
Function: Comes along with between 8 - 11 smileys and a few pawns for the new power. 'Sea themed' smileys!   

It was announced on the twitter page as well:

1000 PRE-RELEASED costing 266 xats each. LIMITED!

The price of the new power is between 300 - 400 xats , but here a user was seen buying the new power for a cheap 270 xats!

Another post will be made showing the smileys, with this post consisting of several updates and screenshots where appropriate.

Update **5.18pm GMT** - Less people are selling the power, which means the demand for it is growing. As it's been 8 hours since the power was originally released, less and less people have it on Trade.

Therefore, the price on TRADE is now between 450 - 500 xats.

Some screenshots:


In the meantime, be sure to check out the Blog for your best and most detailed updates and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions!

OR feel free to Private Chat me on xat, I can be found usually on TRADE or XAT_TEST.
- Aisha

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