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HALLOWEEN 2013: x300 'HALLOWEEN' Powers Released!

Hello everybody!

In contrast to our previous Halloween themed posts , this one for 2013 is short and sweet. So, let's get to the point!

At around **9.00pm GMT** on Thursday night , Tom2 decided to eventually release some HALLOWEEN powers into the store:


300 released costing 420 xats each!

PREVIOUS PRICE: 800 - 900 xats
PRICE NOW: 600 - 750 xats


So, there you go! Xat have yet again celebrated Halloween by releasing this popular power!

Did you manage to buy one? Or did you prefer to go Trick or Treating instead? Either way, on behalf of the Aishasites Blog we would like to say ...
(Although I don't celebrate it!)

- Aisha


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