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Power 261 (Confirmed As 'BLACKFRIDAY')

Hello, everyone!

On Wednesday evening , Volunteers were given the newest power, which was currently known as '261'.

All the users were selling the power and the price dropped to 1,000 - 1,700 xats , that IS until at **8.30pm GMT** Thursday night there was an announcement on TWITTER confirming the new power! 


The new power is 'BLACKFRIDAY' , which probably explains to us what is probably going to happen this year ... yes the Admins HAVE still remembered it, and it will be the 3rd year we will be posting about it. Going off topic, we are the Only and Best blog to keep up with the updates on the day it happens, with Black Friday 2011 Post reaching over 400 views ... which is a LOT compared to other xat Blogs, (and the page being hidden).

ANYWAY here is the new smiley for the power, and it's a GOOD one! (like Sins in 2011) :

Because of this, the price has INCREASED with people selling for ridiculous prices such as 6,000 xats!

What do you think of this new power? Keep checking our Blog for further updates, as we'll be making record number of posts for a new power!
- Aisha
**If you have any questions, please check our posts above which have more details on the power Gossip OCCURING around Xat.Com**

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