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'WINTERLAND' Power Pre-Release!

Hello everyone!

Our newest festive power, 'Winterland' was released late last night costing 300 xats each. This is a limited power so hopefully users should be able to grab some form of profit this weekend!

It was most likely released around **11.00 pm GMT** as at around 7pm the power was in stores but had NO image, like below:


Anyhow, because there is only a rumoured 1000 - 1500 on xat at this time, the price on TRADE is currently at a high cost of 600 - 900 xats .


Update: Power released at 7.00 pm GMT.
There were other releases as well, between 400 - 500 per release. There is also a banner counting down the releases.

400 - 500 release costing 300 xats . 1 per user LIMITED!

The power has always been profitable on TRADE costing 400 - 500 xats , therefore the power gets sold out every 10 seconds. Here were users reaction on xat_test


Not to worry guys, our Blog will cover the smileys and pawns for this new power later on, as well as more Screenshots and Gossip, so be sure to keep checking our Blog for more updates!

Any questions or images please post a comment under this post, it would be very much appreciated! :-)
- Aisha 

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