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Power 263 and 265 in Testing!

Hello Everyone!

2 new powers are currently in testing, following last week's decent profit from the previous power, 'Winterland'. (see post below for details!)

First off, is this weeks power, ID 263.

This power has been given to volunteers and helpers on xat, with the current price for the power at 1,500 - 2,500 xats on TRADE. This power will most likely be released this week.

However, there is also ID 265 , which is rumoured to be 'MEDAL'. No other information or confirmation has been given to prove this, but here was TOM2 with both test powers when spotted on xat_test:

Here were the users apparently 'confirming' this...


I wonder what the 2 newest powers are going to be, hopefully something to celebrate this years' Festive Christmas!

If you have any ideas or questions about this topic, why not leave a comment below this post?
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- Aisha


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