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'BADGE' Power Updates ...


The power, 'BADGE' which was confirmed 3 weeks ago, has finally been made available for xat Volunteers !

According to key sources, users on xat_test were acclaiming that the new power was going to be 'Epic'. This also comes after 42 said on the Main chat a few weeks ago that there should be a new Epic power ...

HOWEVER , this is most likely not true.

The price of the power is very high on TRADE , with it being between 1,500 - 4,000 xats, but will be released this weekend (hopefully).

This power is basically like 'DUNCE', except instead of giving a hat, you're giving somebody a badge.

The power also comes with 2 pawns. A sneak peek of what 1 of them looks like ...


More details will be published in a new post after the power is released.

Will you be given a Badge this weekend for your hard work this year...?
- Aisha

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