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HOGMANAY Power 1st Release


Earlier today 42 was on xat_test with the new power, HOGMANAY, with one of the new pawns.

 Around 30 minutes after, the new power was released:

The new power HOGMANAY was released at around **10.00am GMT** .

1000 released costing 255 xats each. LIMITED!

The power didn't have much demand, as it took a staggering 20 minutes to sell out in store, users managing to buy 5-6 because of it! HOWEVER, the price on TRADE was slightly profitable at around 280 - 310 xats, with many users attempting to sell.

A few hours later, the price settled a tiny bit and had increased to become 320 - 380 xats.

But the power had a twist ...


On Sunday the new power will be available to buy (UNLIMITED) for 24 hours ONLY and then it will be LIMITED once again!

This will be just like Magicfx , Stoneage , School , Spaceban and Matchban so it will most likely drop the price. Also, the number of how many were sold will be shown, like in the image below:

Because of this, today (Saturday) there are currently only 1000 HOGMANAY powers on xat, so it is quite rare. Because of this, and the price settling down more, the price has increased and has stayed at 400 - 600 xats.

Also, like promised, here are the new smileys for the power, in shown in order from left to right ...

(hogmanay) (countdown) (firecracker) (firecracker2) (nyballoons) (nyclock) (nyfireworks) (nysparkler) (year)

Also , the (firecracker) pawn is available.

So, what do you think of the new power? Be sure to check our Blog on Sunday for the second and final release of HOGMANAY.
- Aisha

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