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Power 263- ''NOEL'' (Released)

Hello Guys! Well, i thas been some time!
Today, we found out that power 263 was NOEL.

The volunteers of TOM2 have it, and let's see...

@Xatalert tweeted that all the power info and smilies were posted.

The power 264 ''MEDAL'' says it will be coming out 264th power.

Xatalert's tweetings.

In store!

At xat test...

The smilies!

Update: The new power, 'NOEL' has been releasing in Stores. 

1000 released costing 150 xats . 2 per user!

The price before this release was around 350 - 450 xats.

Now the price is currently 200 - 250 xats.

See you next time!

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