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It's been a long time ... XAT is dying - question is ... WHEN?!

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Another year has passed, and yes it has been eventful just like other years on xat. Our Blog has kept on growing and growing, and we want everyone on xat to know and benefit about what we do and what we hope to achieve!

Let's see only some of the things our Blog has achieved / uncovered throughout this year ...

  • 2014 will be coming up to 3 years since our Blog was first created (July 2011).
  • We have uncovered Black Friday 2013 in perfect style, giving our best coverage up to date, with over 30 people giving their support in Screenshots and vital information!
  • Official stat counter gives us 70,000 hits!
  • Polls were announced to give users a sense of humour or just something to think about, our Black Friday poll getting over 55 votes, alot for a small based Blog!
  • and Many more ...

Looks like 2013 was an eventful year, but now it's a new year so let's present you ...

Like with everything, nothing is perfect, and our Blog needs some undergoing changes. So, here's how YOU can help out with some possible rewards ...

Blog Coder
Information: Every year we like to diverse our themes, and 2014 will be no different. If you are good with HTML Coding and is a determined person, you can code our theme which will be staying with us for 12 months and saved on a backup document!
Reward: 1,000 xats

Side-panel Updates
Information: Our widgets and side-panels could look a tad more attractive, as well as a few things being added on the Blog to style it up. If you are a Graphics Designer or familiar with coding, then this could be for you ...
Reward: 500 xats

Fair Trade Updater
Information: Although I know the prices and information, there are some very good Fair-Trade updaters around. Anyone that is willing to be consistent in updating would be suitable for this role, as well as having a good knowledge in prices.
Reward: 500 xats



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