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'BLACKFRIDAY Power Gossip': ALL The Pre-Release NEWS As It Happens!

**This post is detailing the PRE RELEASE of the new power. For any details on the actual release itself, please refrain to the post above!**

Last night the latest power was confirmed, and this has been going around xat very QUICKLY. 

Power prices have dropped, and everyone has been talking about the power on xat_test , Help and more, wanting the power to release. 

Check out our OFFICIAL updates on the pre-release to this new power, one that is unique and will never be made as such again. Keep checking for full details!

This post is updated manually when me or other Blog staff are online, so please be patient if we are not updated.

4.45 pm - Trade sellers!
A few people are seen trying to sell the new power on TRADE, once again at extreme prices. However, the average price is around 1,500 - 2,500 xats.

5.00 pm - TOM2 Spotted!
He was only spotted for a few seconds, but he was seen with one of the new pawns for the power!

5.20pm - Power in stores! But ...
The new power is currently limited. There is also currently not an image for the new power when you check it out. (most likely was out a few hours ago)

During this time, we are currently not sure whether or not it will be limited or unlimited , but it seems to be unlimited.

5.40 pm - Price Confirmed - 200 xats
This is NOT FALSE INFORMATION! The new power will cost 200 xats in the stores when released, according to the Bot at xat_test . This has gotten people's reaction to be shocking, such as 'cheap price'.

Discussions took place at the xat_test chatroom. Here are some screenshots of what were said:

6.03 pm - New power update!
BLACKFRIDAY now has an image when you view it in the powers store.

xat_test has also changed the new background to celebrate the countdown for Black Friday 2013 ...


So, there you have it! Quite alot of coverage, I don't feel like over doing it, haha. Anyway, I hope you have an idea about this 'popular' power!

Having seen all this, what are your views and comments on the new power? Be sure to leave a comment and let me know, or if you have any questions, feel free to ask by commenting below this post! :-)

Stay tuned for our release post!
- Aisha

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