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CpBoys' 3rd Anniversary Party!

The chat was created in February 2009, but I had sadly forgotten the specific date that it was made, so...

I am planning to hold a chat party on a random day on the month it was created on. The chat has had so many good memories, and has been very popular at times. It's been through drama, promotion, and has one of the rarest CP Chat names.

Here is what you will experience if the party does go in hand...
- Game requests can be made! Snakeban, Spaceban, Mazeban and Matchban will be ALL available! For people who would like to hold game ban contests, 
- There will be around 1-2 hours promotion to get the chat really picking up! 
- Moderators and Owners will be made, through small contests such as 1 hour Snakeban, as long as you have the maturity to keep that specified rank, that is!
- Play staff in Connect 4 matches, to win small prizes! If you are found cheating, you will be disqualified! (more info soon)

These are only some of the things that may happen for the party. There may also be Background Contests, and more! If you are interested in coming, it will be held (obviously), at http://www.xat.com/CpBoys. The date has not been confirmed, but will be posted around the end of January.

Hope you can come!
~ Aisha
Ex- Trade Moderator & Jmann93sHangout Owner
Ex- Xattrade Editor
Aishasites Administrator     

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