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Just a Quick Hello!
Hey Guys Orgal here. Well I'm the new author on AishaSites. I have decided to work here as I think this site can be the best xat site on the web! I have helped on recent projects that Aisha has worked on such as his first xat chat (Cpboys) and his ClubPenguin Blog (Club Digger).

So anyway to the point. I will mainly be working on the events side of things. Any events held either here or on www.xat.com/aishasites will be hosted and created by me. I will be making regular events which anyone can participate in. Please post any ideas you have for a contest. You never know, it may be chosen and I will reference you as the person who came up with the idea.

I will also be posting discussions about Xat and this blog itself. I aim to get aishasites followers to get together and communicate.

Any extras Aisha wishes for me to do I will do as well as manage the site itself. 

Yeah I went on a bit... Best wishes and keep visiting!

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