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CAN Power Released!

6 hours ago, or around that, xat had released Power 161 also known as CAN into the power store!

This power is limited , and will make seperate releases! 


This post was @6pm, so that means that CAN will probably release in less than an hour. It released about 12pm GBT Time!

1,500 will be released every time, and will probably release 4 times, making it a total of 6000 Cans. The price will start at 400 xats, and will drop to 200 xats!

UPDATES: Here is all the info currently about CAN!

Status: limited
Current Quantity: 6000
Group power?: No.
Will release again? Yes. 
We will bring you info about CAN once it releases again. (:
If you have any further info, please comment and let us know!


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